Saturday, December 26, 2009

Today's harvest

Tomatoes and hibiscus

Fair winds Suze

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Merry fishmas!

I thought the fish were for me but kiko seems to have become attached
to them. He tries to pet them through the glass.
Weather has been spectacular although I did come in after the second
mosquito landed on me .

Tomatoes and lettuce are planted.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Neighbors sure look different. . .

Screamer saw his first deer. He is now wandering in and out, but it's pretty cold, so he doesn't stay out long. Quiet day today, no real plans which is a delight along with the sun.

Today the sun came out! Flowers are beautiful. Roses along the fence are starting to get blooms, the rock roses are mounds of flowers and the wild roses at the edge of the cliff smell wonderful. Mom, Marjorie and I went out for lunch yesterday, hit the nursery, then walked the yard to see what needs to be done. . .bought some cool grasses to try along the driveway.

Monday, May 12, 2008

painting like crazy.. .

Green room is done, like the stripes a lot better in green than baby blue. It houses gator #1. The front bedroom is now yellow and blue. Started out yellow, changed my mind and went out in search of the perfect new colors. . .brought home a cool blue and a warm blue to be water and sky, but by the time I got the "water" on, I liked it with the yellow. The bathroom is lavendar which elicited an "oh, my gooooodddddd" from Jonathan on first view, but I think it is growing on him! He is such a good sport!..

In the midst of expecting company for mother's day, we elected to move the dining room table (with computers) to the glass sliding doors in the living room. We have been spending a lot of time working on the porch, but temps and winds sent us inside, might as well have the same view!!!!! Moved the little couch to the dining room which is now a sitting/napping room. . .never a dull moment.

Low tides brought us roseate spoonbills, warmer water is bringing us manatees, don't know why we have been blessed with mallards in the pool.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Chamber of Commerce weather makes it hard to . . .

stay in and work on the computer, or for that matter, anything else. Lizards are running around, have my laptop plugged in and taking the time out here (have to get used to the laptop, I forget sometimes that it is moveable!)

Have painted the upstairs bedroom and bath. One more bedroom to go (the studio just has too much stuff to move to bother painting. . . Middle bedroom had blue stripes. . .they are now green. Bill's cutout alligator got painted and hung, and I like it. Bold and fun. Shell mirror reflect the room.

Put up curtains in the master bedroom and brought in some tropical bedding to go with the Hawaiian wall-hanging. Love the bright and cheery feel, makes me smile when I walk in the room

Have been working on my website, a few glitches still, but should work. It wont work right now with the www in front. Next trip to 1-to-1 apple class should get it finished up right!!! The pearls are background for the "pearls and wisdom jewelry" site.

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Hotel Huie is in full season swing. . .the Peabody has nothing on us!!!!

Spent 4 days at Investment U last week. Lots of interesting information, but my brain is so full it seems to be oozing out my ears. . .they fed us well, too and the brain isn't the only thing that got full. Was great to have Brenda and Rock added to the Hotel Huie guest list.

Hannah and Emily came down to visit, so we met in Sarasota with Gary. Turtle Beach was "chamber of commerce" beautiful, dinner at Gary's new digs was delightful.

Bill and Martha came over for Bill's birthday and he brought his new toy and cleaned our deck. . .what a deal! To top that off, he also cut our 2 giant alligators and primed them for painting. Can't wait to get to those. We also took a trip (actually 2) to Tarpon Springs and the sponge docks. . .the best part is the food, although I got turned on to Japanese eggplant from a veggie guy on the street. . .it has spoiled me for eggplant. Have put in the "mom's garden request". . .just a reminder, mom!!! love you all